1. Careful Visual Inspection – Inspect the computer case for damage, also examine all external and internal cables connected to your computer.
  2. Inspect Fans – Bad fans are a frequent cause of heat issues often fail without warning.
  3. Verify the Power Supply – The power supply can operate but give unstable power. This is can often be the misdiagnosed cause of computer lockups.
  4. Check the Wiring – Check that all internal cables and wiring are connected.
  5. Dust Collections – We look for all those, often elusive, dust collections that are clogging the air passages and causing heat issues.
  6. Check the Video and Audio – Does the sound work, how about the video? We check those as well.
  7. Memory Tests – We test that all memory chips are working properly.
  8. System Disk Health – Your hard drive has internal moving parts and a limited lifespan. We can say with 100% certainty that your hard drive will FAIL, it is just a matter of time. We run diagnostic tests on your hard disk drive to detect imminent failures where possible.
  9. Test the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drive – We test the optical drives and make sure they aren’t suffering from excessive vibration or misalignment.
  10. Check System For Windows Operating System Errors – We run various Windows diagnostic software tools to check for errors.
  11. Verify Hardware Drivers – We make sure that all your drivers are current and operating error free.
  12. Clear Temporary Files – Temporary downloading files which are used doring installationhistory and no longer needed historical files are cleared to keep the machine running smooth.
  13. Virus Scan – We scan your computer and verify it is free of known virus infections, getting rid of those popups and slowdown issues.
  14. Spyware Scan – We scan your computer and certify it Spyware Free, checking for programs that gather your personal information and report that to scammers. This personal data includes the web sites you visit, your name, your e-mail address, personal information, where you are located, and more. All pretty dangerous stuff in the hand of a scammer.
  15. Rootkit Scan – We tweeze out those stubborn hard to diagnose and harder to remove root-kits that could be STEALING YOUR DATA.
  16. Check Anti-Virus and Security Software Status – We verify that your security software is up to date. If you don’t have Anti-Virus Protection, we will provide you some options, but your computer will never leave our shop unprotected!
  17. Verify All Windows Updates – We check Microsoft Update to determine if you have all the available windows updates for your Windows Operating System, they help keep the computer running smooth and keep you safe from security risks.
  18. Check Disk Defragmentation – If necessary, we defragment your hard disk drive to improve system performance.
  19. Check Network Adapters – If you have a network card or WIFI adapter in your computer, we make sure that it connects to the network and works properly.
  20. Check Printers (onsite only) – If we are at your site, we verify your printers to ensure for correct operation after performing service.
  21. Backups and Data Storage – We verify that you either have a good backup plan in place, or help you make one. At a minimum we explain the risks and rewards.
  22. Boot and Reboot – We verify that your computer boots normally and there are no issues or hesitation. Just watching your computer boot once will tell us a lot.
  23. Custom Hardware – To the extent we can, we will test your unique hardware to verify proper operation.
  24. Recommendations – We then make recommendations about changes or upgrades that can make your computers run better and more reliably.
  25. Certification – Based on the results of our Exclusive Computer Checklist, and after making any needed repairs or upgrades, we give your computer a warranty based on the results.